Is Midori Kimura actually practicing during the pandemic?

Does Liz Hill prefer red wine over IPA?

How does Tommy Adkisson actually feel about Mixed Doubles?

Answers to these questions and many other earth shaking moments are included in the 39th episode of FoosTalk Live!

Jim Stevens took the day to celebrate his birthday, so we were so lucky to have Gold Medal winner Midori Kimura jump in.

Mark Torres provides his usual acerbic personality  as we welcome our special guest (the other) Gold Medal winner Liz Hill Moore!                         

We celebrate the IPA of the Week and toast the birthdays of Jim Stevens along with Maryam Aly, then we toast the memory of our departed foosball family member Tim "Fuji" Alberts.

We have the greatest moments with the FoosTalk Live Ask Me Anything game. Midori and Liz take your questions for the whole show. Even the legendary player Tom Adkisson calls in with his 20 cents worth!

You're not going to find more entertainment off the foosball table than this episode of FoosTalk Live! 

Download and enjoy!


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