What a show! FoosTalk Live returns with a solid 2 hours of amazing conversation about the game of Foosball.


Jim, Mark and Tom mustered their best performance during this, the 15th episode of FoosTalk Live!


Listen to the IPA of the Week, Jim and Mark's picks for the Top 5 Most Underrated Foosball Players and The Mystery Player of the Week-Brandon Moreland.


Then, the icing on the cake, a conversation with Joe Heslinga, director of Foosballers The Movie. Joe is directly responsible for this Thursdays primetime airing of Foosballers the Movie and The 2019 World Cup Competition in Murcia, Spain-on ESPN2 at 8pm EDT. Listen in as Joe gives a rundown of all the hard work involved in putting together these amazing productions.


It's all for the love of the sport-FoosTalk LIve returns next Sunday at 9pm EDT.


See you on the table!




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