Rarely have we taken the risk of throwing out all the rules on FoosTalk Live...

And rarely have you seen a tournament like the Thunderdome Limited Championship!

Episode 93 puts aside our usual antics to welcome 7 Thunderdome Foosball Gladiators to chat about their pending battle.

(We also wish cohost Jim Stevens a Happy Birthday in song!)

The Thunderdome Limited Championship is going down at 26 Degree Brewing Company, Pompano Beach, Florida, February 18th through 21st. With just 4 events, 64 players and 32 teams, this Swiss format foosball tournament will be open to only Beginners, Rookies, Amateurs and Experts.

Tom, Mark and Adam take the bulk of the show, calling out 7 of the Foosball Gladiators like Liz Hill Moore (Oklahoma), Maggie Strong (Tennessee), Rich Cotter (Illinois), Keith Glen (Florida), Bob Barnett (Oregon), Ethan Nguyen (California) and Jimmy Love (Florida). Each of these competitors are dangerous contenders and bring their own philosophy.

With this tournament format, we could see a paradigm shift in Foosball. Listening to the 93rd episode of FoosTalk Live is equally ground breaking!

Download and enjoy!

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