Without skipping a beat, episode 92 of FoosTalk Live dives headlong into The Top 50 Greatest Foosball Players list aftermath.

Jim, Tom, Mark and Adam take the usual route through the IPA of the Week, toasting the Honor Group of the Week-The 508 Foosball Club hosting the January 15th tournament in New Bedford, MA.

From the year 2000, we take the FoosTalk Live Flashback to the moment Fred Collignon and Todd Loffredo take Louis Cartwright and Trevor Park to a final set in Open Doubles at the World Championship.

Tommy Brewer and Luke Watson (SFFC) jump in to bring us up to speed on the pending Thunderdome Limited Foosball Championship-February 18th through the 20th in Pompano Beach, Florida.

 We take off the gloves as we tackle several questions emerging from the Top 50 Foosball Players in American Tour History. Agree or not, the team does their best to respond to the challenges laid at their feet.

Episode 92 brings some most unexpected moments to FoosTalk Live.

Download and enjoy!


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