What can you say about the end of 2021? We struggled, yes, but we did get back to playing professional foosball.

FoosTalk Live Episode 90 is a  healthy slice of what foosball means to us. 

Jim, Tom, Mark, Adam and Clay toast the end of the year with the IPA of the Week and the Honor Group of the Week-Dakota Foosball, who are hosting the South Dakota Foosball State Championships in February 2022.

Considered one of the greatest doubles matches in history, the FoosTalk Live Flashback takes you back to the moment Freddy Collignon & Todd Loffredo went to the final ball with Trevor Park & Louis Cartwright in the 2001 World Open Doubles match. Amazing!

Jim, Mark and Adam continue the FoosTalk Live Countdown of the Top 50 Foosball Players in American Tour History. See if you agree with the choices for numbers 20 through 11.

Mike Green jumps in to tell some Johnny Horton (#12 on the list) stories as our special guest. 

Meanwhile, World Champion Cindy Head calls in to give her 50 cents on the list and her perspective on some of the players. 

Putting the wraps on 2021 with the one of the best episodes of the year-download and enjoy FoosTalk Live!


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