Wrapping presents, putting tinsel on the tree or even smoking your favorite meat...

Episode 89 of FoosTalk Live is trimmed in festive foosball finery and you'll love what's inside!

Jim, Tom, Mark, Adam and Clay share the IPA of the Week (Keg Nog IPA is really a delicious Christmas grog!)

We toast the Honor Group of the Week-Kansas City Foosball and remember a fallen Kansas City Foosball player-Duane Aldridge.

The 2002 Hall of Fame Classic is the scene as Adrian Zamora defeats Freddy Collignon in the Open Singles event on the FoosTalk Live Flashback.

Jim, Mark and Adam share their perspectives on the continuing FoosTalk Live Top 50 Countdown of the Best Foosball Players in American Pro Tour history! This episode features players number 30 through 21.

Just like Santa Claus, Adrian Zamora grants our holiday foosball wish with his 2nd appearance on FoosTalk Live. Not only does Adrian share his insights on the sport, but reveals his other passion-meat smoking! (Adam and Adrian can apparently smoke a mean butt!)

Episode 89 is our holiday gift to you-the loyal listener of FoosTalk Live!

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