FoosTalk Live is making the most of the few remaining days in 2021.

Join Jim, Tom, Mark, Adam and Clay as we share the IPA of the Week (technically Jim isn't drinking an actual IPA) as we toast the Honor Group of the Week-the Southern Florida Foosball Club.

During episode 88 of FoosTalk Live return to 2015 for the FoosTalk Live Flashback as Tony Spredeman defeats Ryan Moore for the World Open Singles title.

Meanwhile, you'll hear the countdown with the 40th through the 31st of the FoosTalk Live Top 50 Foosball Players in American Tour History. 

Since we are so close to the holiday season, the world's greatest foosball player Tony Spredeman returns to FoosTalk Live to share his take on the sport-past, present and future. We even go into FoosTalk Live "Overtime" to give you an extra hour of Tony in this episode.

Get out and do your last minute shopping while listening to episode 88 of FoosTalk Live!

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