What makes a foosball champion, a champion? Talent, practice, character...all important.

With this, the 81st episode of FoosTalk Live you will hear some surprising revelations. 

Jim, Tom and Adam share the IPA of the Week while we toast the Honor Group of the Week-the Dynamo Foosball Facebook group.

Traveling back in time, we revisit the World Cup in Murcia, Spain, as Blake Robertson and Ryan Moore win the gold medal for Open Doubles in 2019 with the FoosTalk Live Flashback!

Jim and Adam lay down an amazingly introspective Top 5 Most Surprising Foosball Moments in 2021. (Who would have known Jim and Adam could go this deep?)

Our most pleasant surprise is a long chat with World Champion Blake Robertson of Mississippi. Not only is he an amazing player, reaching his personal foosball peak, but Blake gives us a glimpse of his personal life.

Full of surprises, download and enjoy the 81st episode of FoosTalk Live! 


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