Lightning really does strike twice, or rather a tornado. For the 2nd time in as little as 2 weeks, FoosTalk Live aired from a car, instead of a studio, due to mother nature's fury (and a power outage). Listen in as Jim Stevens of Inside FoosTV and Tom Robinson of Foosball Radio, chat with the #1 Foosball player in the world, Tony Spredeman.

During the 8th episode, pro master Brandon Moreland joins in to discuss a joint venture-the brand new FoosBy Series. Tony and Brandon are now offering custom tailored lessons in which you can have one on one lessons to improve your game. Tony and Brandon will analyze your play and give you pointers on how to move to the next level. Just email them at or

Tom Robinson decided to take a lesson, from which you will hear Brandon and Tony offer sage advice and tips. (They also offer up some not so subtle comments on Tom's video practice).

Thanks again to all the listeners and callers for another great episode! 


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