There comes a time when you realize why you truly love foosball...

That moment could be when you finally learn to block a snake shot or crush a long pull...

This, the 78th episode of FoosTalk Live, reminds us all why we love talking about foosball. 

Jim, Tom, Adam, Mark and Clay enjoy the IPA of the Week, toasting the Honor Group of the Week and looking back at that special moment in foosball history with the FoosTalk Live Flashback. (This week featuring Blake Robertson and Ryan Moore winning Open Doubles at the 2021 Tornado Championships in Kentucky.)

Jim and Adam express their true feelings about the Top 5 Stories to Watch in the near foosball future.

What really reminds us we love what we do is the candid conversation with the quadruple champion from the 2021 Tornado World's-Ryan Moore!

Ryan never disappoints and we are so grateful for his time. 

Download episode 78 of FoosTalk Live and you'll discover why you love foosball.

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