We managed to get the band back together for the first weekend of Fall on episode 77 of FoosTalk Live! 

While conquering the usual challenges, Jim, Tom, Mark and Adam take on the future of foosball-namely the youth of the sport. 

Once we open the IPA of the Week, we toast to the Honor Group of the Week-Foosball Clubs USA, bringing foosball to schools all around the world!

We look back to 1995 for a big win for Dave Gummeson in Open Singles on the FoosTalk Live Flashback.

Michael Stahl Jr. jumps in to bring us up to speed on the upcoming Michigan States Championships-the first time for this event since 2014!

Jim and Mark tackle the Top 5 Teen Performances in foosball. (Mark's teen idol status never gets mentioned.)

Since our focus is on the future of the sport, it only makes sense that we chat with Sandy and Daniel Lueras. Both are top notch players, but are doing all they can to promote foosball in local schools. Sandy sits on the board of directors for Foosball Clubs USA and shares plenty of insight. They also mention an upcoming charity foosball memorabilia auction for November of this year. 

With the dawn of a new golden age of foosball, we are so excited about bringing you the latest news in this episode of FoosTalk Live!

Download and enjoy!


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