Here's what happens when a record number of foosball players gather in one place to battle to the last ball-the 2021 Tornado Foosball Championships in Lexington Kentucky...

Join us for the 2nd of 3 live broadcasts from the Clarion Hotel as we engage in lively banter with Jim, Tom, Adam, Clay and Mark.

Competition is at a fever pitch, as we share the IPA of the Week and toast the Honor Group of the Week-all the players at the Tornado Championships.

Jim does his best rendition of the FoosTalk Live Flashback live from his own memory!

Then, Adam and Jim share their Top 5 2021 Tornado Championship Fictional Moments. (Warning-uncontrolled laughter ensues.)

With another day of competition yet to come, download this, the 2nd of 3 episodes from the Tornado Championships with FoosTalk Live!


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