With panache, wit, unpredictability, not to mention humor, FoosTalk Live takes to the air for the 65th episode.

Jim, Tom, Mark and Adam combine their talents together for the IPA of the Week to toast the Honor Group of the Week-Michigan State Championships. (October 22nd through October 24th in Lansing, Michigan.)

We look back at an amazing moment in foosball history with the FoosTalk Live Flashback as Tracy McMillin and Dave Gummeson defeat Mike Philbrook and Greg Perry in the 2003 Open Doubles Championship match.

Jim, Mark and Adam tackle one of the toughest topics ever-the Top 5 Best Rods in foosball history. (Adam, the rookie, edges out the other two FoosTalk Live veterans!)

Even though it's been a long time, we also tackle a great batch of questions with our latest edition of the FoosTalk Live Ask Me Anything feature. (Mayhem ensues!)

We finish off the show with our tribute to the InsideFoos Kickstarter campaign contributors. LIsten in for the names of the Silver, Gold and Platinum donors. We can't thank you enough!

When anything goes, the result is one of the most entertaining episodes of FoosTalk Live!

Download and enjoy!



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