Wow! It's seems like years, but FoosTalk Live is back with episode 64! 

Jim, Tom and our brand new guest host Adam Gilson make the scene with the IPA of the Week as we toast the Honor Group of the Week-the 2021 Bruck Mur Open from Austria.

Jim chats about the new remote play-by-play event, for which he worked at the Bruck Mur Open this weekend. (Listen to this podcast for more of this in the future.)

We take you back to the 2008 Garlando Worlds as Freddy Collignon defeats Kevin Hundstorfer in Open Singles with the FoosTalk Live Flashback.

Jim and Adam match wits with their picks for the Top 5 Most Significant Moments of 2021. (Adam nearly edges Jim out in his first appearance!)

We also take you into the near future and chat with Ben Kempner, promoter/organizer for the 2021 Bart O' Hearn Memorial Tournament in Austin, Texas. Ben has recently taken the reigns of the Bart O' and promises a great competition the weekend of July 29th through August 1st. Here's a link for more details:

We're are back in the game with the 64th episode of FoosTalk Live!

Download and enjoy!



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