Dad's Day was a special one for FoosTalk Live!

Jim Stevens, who is a father of 2 and Mark Torres, a father of twins both share their innermost feelings about Father's Day. (and foosball, too.)

Jim and Tom share the IPA of the week and toast the Honor Group of the Week-the Tennessee Foosball Group.

Since this is the Father's Day edition our FoosTalk Live we return you to the 2021 Beach Town Beatdown as Tony and Bud Spredeman won the Open Doubles event over Blake Robertson and Tommy Adkisson.

Meanwhile, one of the most famous foosball fathers, Tom Yore, Sr jumped in (for Mark Torres) to match wits with Jim on the Top 5 Best Father/Child teams. (The Yores might even make the list.)

Tom Yore, Sr and his Tommy Yore, Jr joined us to chat about their unique foosball family relationship. You'll hear about the rise of Tommy's career and his most recent double dip win over Tony Spredeman.

Happy Father's Day!

Download this episode with dear old dad and enjoy FoosTalk Live!

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