Live tournaments are transforming this podcast! FoosTalk Live has so much to share, not only about Texas State Championships, but the upcoming Beach Town Beatdown!

Jim, Tom and Mark convene with the IPA of the Week and toast the Honor Group(s) of the Week-the South Florida Foosball Club and Lilo's, the location for the Beach Town Beatdown in Florida next weekend.

We then look back at an incredible moment in foosball history, recent history, with the FoosTalk Live Flashback-featuring Tommy Yore, Jr double dipping Tony Spredeman in Open Singles at the 2021 Texas State Championships.

Oddly enough, Jim, Mark AND Tom jump in on the Top 5 Best Moments at the Texas State Championships. (Tom nailed this one!)

Yet another foosball tournament takes center stage as we chat with Tommy Brewer and Luke Watson, organizers from the Beach Town Beatdown. Jim and Mark are heading to Lake Worth, Florida for this exclusive foosball tournament/beach party this coming weekend. Listen in for updates next Sunday night.

Download this episode, the 60th, and catch "foosball tournament fever" with FoosTalk Live!



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