FoosTalk Live with presents the 6th episode in the series, this time, a few exceptional events make this our best yet. Take a listen with Jim Stevens of Inside FoosTV and Tom Robinson of Foosball Radio...

First, cohost Tom Robinson, of Foosball Radio, had to set up and broadcast in his car! This has everything to do with the wonderful Spring weather in Upstate NY. Nothing like dodging tornadoes and falling trees to get on the air!

Second, our special guest this week, John O'Brien, has been more than instrumental in building Foosball as a sport in school districts all over the nation. John, the founder of Foosball Clubs USA, brought a barrage of great calls and lively banter. What fun!

We are all jonesing for a good DYP, tournament or even a pick up game or two. While we stay safe and healthy, we can look forward to better days on the table. Meanwhile, you can download this FoosTalk Live episode and pass the time. Enjoy!!

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