Here's a challenge. Let's set the world record for the most number of people playing foosball in a 24 hour period...across the entire world!

Download this, the 55th episode of FoosTalk Live, and find out how to participate in August 2021.

Jim, Tom, and Mark return for the IPA of the Week and toast the Honor Group of the Week-Kixx in Hamburg, Germany.

We return to the moment Thomas Haas wins the 2017 World Open Championship title with the FoosTalk Live Flashback.

Jim and Mark make their choice for the Top 5 Foosball Players Named Tom. (Yes, you will soon hear the Top 5 Players named Jim and Mark-just wait.)

Then, we talk World Records with Rikko Tuitjer of Hamburg, Germany. Rikko is the operator of Kixx, one of the worlds largest foosball themed clubs in the world. He discusses plans for the World Record attempt at the largest number of people playing foosball in a 24 hour period. August 26th through 27th, 2021, players everywhere are invited to help set the record.

Click on this link and join in:

Setting the record as the most listened to foosball podcast-download the 55th episode of FoosTalk Live!

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