When the greatest play by play foosball announcer of all time speaks...

...Foosball players listen.

FoosTalk Live celebrates the 49th episode with Jim Stevens as our special guest!

Join Jim, Tom, Mark and Clay for the IPA of the Week toasting the Honor Group of the Week-Inside FoosTV. Then, look back with Jim Stevens commentating his own match as he won at the 2015 Nebraska State tournament with Joe Hamilton.

Jim and Mark then tackle the Top 5 Moments from Inside FoosTV history. 

For the grand finale, Jim Stevens takes questions from the FoosTalk Live team regarding a very special development in the world of foosball.

Jim goes into great detail about the first phase of a new approach and website for Inside Foos.com. 

This is just the beginning, but do yourself a favor and download the 49th episode of FoosTalk Live!

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