Who would you want to see play foosball again-living or dead?

What is the common thread that binds every top champion in foosball?

How does a top champion turn around 4-0 deficit? (This is a metaphor for the show.)

Listen to the 48th episode of FoosTalk Live for the answers to these questions and more.

Jim, Tom, Mark and Clay are taking on the competition with the IPA of the Week, toasting the Honor Group of the Week-Hog City Foos from Fayetteville, Arkansas.

The FoosTalk Live Flashback to you to the moment when Freddy Collignon won his first World Cup title playing for Belgium in 2012.

Jim and Mark ponder what could have been with the Top 5 Players We Wish Had Kept Playing. (BTW-there are 10 different between their 2 lists.)

Yet another top Hall of Fame player, considered one of the best forwards on the Dynamo table, Tony Bacon joins us for a brief chat. 

Our thanks to Mike Green and Tom Yore, Sr for their generous to contributions to this episode, as well.

Next week-our special guest will be none other than the greatest foosball play by play announcer in the sport-yes, it's Jim Stevens! We will be chatting with Jim about some significant events that are about to take place in the foosball arena, don't miss it!

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