What were the top 5 greatest performances on the Tornado table during the 1990's?

Who had his first exposure to foosball in a "gentlemen's club"?

How did Tornado foosball tables become the world standard?

These important issues, and more, are addressed in this, the 46th episode of FoosTalk Live!

Jim, Tom, Mark and Clay bring to bare the IPA of the Week, toast the Honor Group(s) of the Week-NW Foosball and Chicagoland Foosers and return to the moment when Frederico Collignon and Todd Loffredo landed their 2nd consecutive Open Doubles title with the FoosTalk Live Flashback.

Jim and Mark hit hard with their picks for the Top 5 Best Performances on Tornado in the 1990's.

FoosTalk Live really hits a high note with the man considered responsible for the "2nd Golden Era" of foosball-Dave Courington. We trace his storied career from the early days, (yes, in a "gentlemen's club") to his legendary reputation as a foosball promoter. 

Download FoosTalk Live-episode 46 with Dave Courington-right now! Enjoy!


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