What in the world is "table football"?

Who ranks in the Top 5 Best International players on the American tour?

What does "wanker" mean?

Important questions, like these, are answered as FoosTalk Live takes a trip to London on episode 44.

Listen in as Jim, Tom, Mark and Clay sample the IPA of the Week and journey back in time with the FoosTalk Live Flashback-as Rob Atha and Joe Hamilton battle to make it to the finals of the Tornado Worlds in 2013.

Jim and Mark throw down with the Top 5 Most Successful International Players on the American tour. 

Then, we get our Anglophile on with UK player Rhys Roberts, wide awake at 2:45 England time, as he gives the British perspective on foosball. (or Table Football?) Plus, Rhys plays the FoosTalk Live game "How British are you?"

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