What really happened at the Waffle House with Johnny Horton?

What is the significance of Paul Reynolds and the garden glove?

How does the U.S. Foosball Hall of Fame actually chose their candidates?

You'll have to download episode 41 of FoosTalk Live to know the truth!

Jim, Tom, Mark and Clay get to the bottom of it all with special guest, hall of fame player Steve Beine.

Meanwhile, we share the IPA of the Week and toast our Honor Group of the Week-PDX Portland Oregon Foosball.

We look back at the moment Steve Beine and Johnny Horton beat the odds and made it to the Open Doubles finals with the FoosTalk Live Flashback.

Steve Beine is not only a great player, but really opens up about his love of the sport and his fellow champions.

Without delay, download the 41st episode of FoosTalk Live!


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