FoosTalk Live is officially global!

World Champion Ecaterina Sarbulescu provides class and poise to the lively banter of FoosTalk Live Episode 33.

Jim is back from his much needed time out, while we enjoy the IPA of the Week and toast the Honor Group of the Week-the Lowen Hamburg Lions (of which Ecaterina happens to be a member.)

We return to the year 2019 with the FoosTalk Live Flashback to relive the moment My Linh Tran and Ecaterina win the Leonhart Women Doubles Championship.

Jim and Mark match wits with the Top 5 Best Dynamo Forwards, which requires a bit historical perspective.

Cati, of the That Linh and Cati Show, shares with FoosTalk LIve her passion for the sport, not to mention the great work she and Linh are performing every Tuesday on InsideFoos TV and Twitch TV. You can catch That Linh and Cati Show at 7pm CET/1pm EST. 

(Thanks again to Cati for being awake at 4:30am CET for this great interview.)

Spanning the globe with foosball banter and it's the 33rd episode of FoosTalk Live!

Download and enjoy!




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