Why do Northern California foosball players hate Southern California foosball players? 

Has Mark Torres matured since his first days as a foosball player?

Why was Jim Stevens considered "very focused" as a young foosball player?

Find out the answers to these questions and more with the 31st episode of FoosTalk Live with our special guest Phil Schlaefer!

You'll also hear Jim and Tom share the IPA of the Week, while we raise a toast to the Bay Area Foosball Club as the Honor Group of the Week.

Jim and Mark share their bias, (uh er) opinions on the Top 5 Greatest California Players.

Phil Schlaefer imparts his wisdom as a longtime player/promoter and cohost of the 2009 Master Tour. History is his game and he chats with us about a wide range of his unique experiences in foosball.

Download the 31st of episode of FoosTalk Live and enjoy!

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