FoosTalk Live always features lively banter about Foosball, but this episode  sets a new standard!

Yes, you will hear Jim, Tom and even Mark toasting with the IPA of the Week.

Then, the FoosTalk Live Flashback features Terry Rue winning an international championship title for North America in 2016.

We did suspend the weekly Top 5 countdown, but it was for very worthy cause...

For the first time anywhere, FoosTalk Live welcomed executive board members of the USTSO to officially disclose a brand new organizational plan. You'll hear Donald Wilson (President); John O'Brien of Foosball Clubs USA; Kristin Grogen; Rob Mares; Tom Yore; Tracy McMillin and Jerry Todd each revealing their part in changes about to happen.

There's no doubt there are many moving parts to the USTSO new structure, including new points based competition, with championship events, including every level of skilled player. Further details were revealed about club system play!

Visit this website to find out more-

We now have tons of new issues and events to discuss on upcoming episodes of FoosTalk Live.

Regardless, this is a monumental event and we here at FoosTalk Live are proud to be able to share it with you.

Download and enjoy!


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