Following our Labor Day break, FoosTalk Live is back in the game with the 22nd Episode!

Download it and enjoy the IPA of the Week as Jim and Tom toasted the St. Louis Foosball Club, paying tribute to their continued dedication to promoting our beautiful game!

 We travel back to 2006 for the FoosTalk LIve Flashback-catch the moment when Dave Gummeson and Tracy McMillan triumphed! 

Jim and Mark really went deep with their choices for the FoosTalk Live Top 5 Best Foosball States (in the USA). See if you agree with their picks...

World Champion Blake Robertson brought his competitive philosophy to our interview with him. His "take no prisoners" approach was on full display for this episode of FoosTalk Live.

There's no doubt, it's great to be back in the saddle. Set aside a couple of hours and give a listen to episode 22 of FoosTalk Live!

We'll see you on the table.


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