Kevin Romero stands out among foosball players, not just because he's talented and competitive, but because he loves to have fun!

Kevin shares his foosball philosophy during Episode 115 of FoosTalk Live.

Listen in as the team also welcomes Keith Glen for his boots-on-the-ground reporting from the 2022 National Championship in Kentucky. 

Jim, Tom and Adam chat about the upcoming World Cup in France-who's playing and which countries are likely to win gold. (You may be surprised.)

Kevin Romero gives his unique perspective, with his Costa Rican foosball heritage and the importance of family.

Finally, Jim and Adam put their finishing touch on the last FoosTalk Live Top 5-with the Top 5 Top 5's from the last 110 episodes. (The Top 5 is being put in cold storage, while the team trots out new features-stay tuned!)

All this can also be found on the FoosTalk Live TwitchTV channel.

Download and enjoy Episode 115 of FoosTalk Live!

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