Erik Hueltner is not just a great professional foosball player, he's considered one of the top 3 greatest goalies on the pro tour!

We are so lucky to have Erik join us for Episode 113 of FoosTalk Live!

Jim, Tom, Adam, Mark and Clay dive into the usual antics-toasting with the IPA of Week and recognizing the Southern Florida Foosball Club as our Honor Group of the Week!

We feature the moment Erik Hueltner won the 2021 Texas State Championship Open Doubles with Tony Spredeman on the FoosTalk Live Flashback.

Jim and Adam share their Top 5 choices for the Movie That Inspires You to Play Better Foosball on the FoosTalk Live Top 5. 

Erik Hueltner shares everything from his foosball philosophy, career as a successful author and his passion for fishing. You'll also understand why he is considered one of the great sportsman in pro foosball.

Download and enjoy the latest episode of FoosTalk Live!


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