From Meat Smokers to Mullets...FoosTalk Live Episode 109 covers the lot. (Oh, yeah, we talk about foosball, too.)

Jim, Tom, Adam and Mark are in top form with the IPA of the Week toasting the honor of the Group of the Week-the Ottawa Foosball Association.

We return to the moment Tony Spredeman and Billy Pappas win Open Doubles at the 2004 Texas State Championships with the FoosTalk Live Flashback 

Jim and Adam offer up their Top 5 Technical Innovations to Move the Sport of Foosball forward.

Soon after, Mark jumps into offer his input on a rousing round of the FoosTalk Live Ask Me Anything-Extreme. Thanks to our listener's questions, we explore explore plenty of high notes. (Can Mark really sing "Stayin' Alive"?)

Despite not having a special guest, FoosTalk Live Episode 109  is well worth the time it takes to download. Enjoy!

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