FoosTalk Live Episode 106 is Solid Gold! Dan Kaiser, legendary Hall of Fame Player, takes us on a journey to the golden age of foosball.

Meanwhile, we remember the late John O'Brien of Foosball Clubs USA, with a special conversation with Mark Drollette, the new executive director of FCUSA.

Jim, Tom, Adam and Mark are all back and in top form with the IPA of the Week toasting the honor group of the week-FCUSA and John O'Brien who we lost this past week.

We return to the moment Dan Kaiser was inducted into the Foosball Hall of Fame in 1998 during the FoosTalk Live Flashback. 

Jim and Adam shine the golden light with the Top 5 Takeaways from the 2022 Hall of Fame Classic in Las Vegas-which was held in the Golden Nugget.

Tommy Adkisson returns to give us an update from the 2022 Oklahoma State Championships-the first in 11 years!

Shining like a brand new gold coin, episode 106 of FoosTalk Live-download and enjoy!

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