Celebrating the triumphant return of the Hall of Fame Classic foosball tournament in Las Vegas next weekend, episode 103 of FoosTalk Live gets the ball rolling!

Join Jim, Tom, Mark and Clay for the IPA of the Week, Honor Group of the Week-the East Coast Foosball Players, the FoosTalk Live Flashback and the Top 5 Ways to be Admitted to the Foosball Hall of Fame.

Our special guest, Hall of Fame player Dave Gummeson, adds his take on what it's like to be inducted, not to mention his choices for the Top 50 of all Time list!

When you talk to Dave, you also have to talk to his longtime friend and doubles partner Tracy McMillin. T-Mac makes an appearance and reveals a few inside tidbits of Dave Gummeson's playing and personality.

Jim Stevens and the InsideFoos crew are headed to Las Vegas for next weeks legendary tourney and you will hear a live rundown next week on FoosTalk Live from the floor of the Golden Nugget.

Meanwhile, after you download episode 103 of FoosTalk Live, feel free to follow us on our new Twitch channel. Listen for details on how to catch future shows on our channel:



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