What could be better than talking about every foosball tournament under the sun?

(Well, maybe playing in every foosball tournament under the sun...)

Join Jim, Tom, Adam and Clay as they share the IPA of the Week and toast the Honor Group of the Week-Arizona Foosball.

In honor of the Hall of Fame Classic in Vegas, we take you back to the moment Tony Spredeman and Rob Mares win the Open Doubles title in 2019 with the FoosTalk Live Flashback.

Continuing with the same theme, Jim and Adam reveal the Top 5 Foosball Personalities (players & promoters) Who Should be in the Foosball Hall of Fame.

Tournaments take center stage as we welcome Scott O'Hare of Florida to chat about his experience playing with Blake Robertson in the Costa Rican Summer Foosball Tournament last weekend. (Blake even jumps on air to back up his partner!)

Next, we head off to the Northwest with Kopiy Cam, promoter of the Moneyball Northwest foosball tournament in Portland, Oregon. Kopiy gave us a great preview of what to expect next weekend at the Crowne Plaza. (BTW-our own Adam Gilson will be there with InsideFoos to provide play-by-play coverage!)

Michael Stahl, Jr. player/promoter from Michigan takes us to The Arnold Foosball Competition from last weekend in Columbus, Ohio. (Michael won the Open Singles title while he was there.) As an added bonus, Michael gives a full report from the site of the Wisconsin State Foosball Championships in Appleton.

Tournaments to the left of us, tournaments to the right and tournaments straight ahead of us-episode 101 of FoosTalk Live gives you all the angles.

Download and enjoy!

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