Emerging from the depths of a world-wide pandemic...

FoosTalk Live is the result of a marriage between Foosball Radio and InsideFoos. 

From the humble beginnings of the 1st episode on April 10th, 2020...to this, the 100th episode, we have learned lessons, good and bad, about how to make talking about the sport of Foosball entertaining. (mostly)

Listen as we describe the evolution of a live broadcast/podcast. Jim Stevens and Tom Robinson ventured forward with the new concept. With each week and each new episode, FoosTalk Live took on a life of its own.

Meanwhile, new talent like Clay Tumey, Mark Torres and Adam Gilson further enhanced the experience, bringing their own talents and passion into the mix.

Suddenly we find FoosTalk Live has aired 100 episodes with no sign of stopping.

Now, the pandemic is becoming an endemic and the sport of competitive foosball has taken on new energy. 

This team, with all the quirks, is ready to take on the daunting task of keeping tabs on all of what makes foosball great!

Download and enjoy our proudest moment-the 100th episode celebration of FoosTalk Live!

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