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Since you have been listening to Foosball Radio, you already know our mission-to the tell the story of foosball, one player at a time.

As luck would have it, a documentary film about Foosball is now in wide release. Just in case you missed it, Foosballers-the movie, has just been released to the general public. When you watch this amazing true story of 6 top foosball pros, you will feel all the emotions-humor, frustration, joy and passion!


Even a non-player will get the arc of this story. Countless hours of hard work resulted in a stunning film, portraying the way foosball really exists. To be sure-this would not have been possible without the cooperation of players like Tony Spredeman, Ryan Moore, Todd Lofredo, Rob Mares, Terry Rue and Cindy Head-all featured in the film. Putting this true foosball story into a top notch film required the dedication of a team of film makers. Leading that team, director Joe Heslinga dug into the private lives of the players, with an eye on the story arc. We can’t escape the conclusion, not only is foosball a family, it’s a way of life.


With great pleasure, we had the chance to chat with Foosballers director Joe Heslinga. Download and listen to our 21st episode of Foosball Radio, you will not be disappointed.


Click this link to access your copy of Foosballers and find their online store with Foosballers posters and tees:



Once you have watched Foosballers, drop us a line and let us know what you think at info@foosballradio.com.


Thanks again for listening the Ultimate Foosball Podcast-Foosball Radio.


From the Foosball Radio team-we’ll see you on the table!


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