Hey Fooser!

How can we express our gratitude properly? With the end of the year and the decade, the Foosball Radio team is excited about 2020! This is mostly because of your support. We have received so much positive feedback and listenership. According to the stats, Foosball Radio has been downloaded over six thousand times, across the globe.

Now, we are set to present our final Foosball Radio episode of the year (decade)!

Download and listen to Episode 8 Part 2 of our interview with Team USA Men’s coach and pro player Ezekiel Moore. He gives us more details on the 2019 World Cup from Murcia, Spain.

Then, we turn back the clock to the very beginning of Foosball Radio. We condense every episode, featuring all the stars and personalities we chatted with in the first full year of Foosball Radio’s existence. You may want to find a comfortable seat to listen!

2020 holds more exciting new episodes from the Ultimate Foosball podcast. We especially want to focus on the local clubs and organizations, foosball promoters and organizers, which brings us to the next big thing.

We are about to introduce the Foosball Radio Club. We want to know all about your local club, be it big or small. Foosball Radio is building a database of all the foosball organizations around the USA and beyond. Just send us an email with all your contact info. You can reach us at Info@foosballradio.com. Not only do we want to share your organization with the Foosball Radio listeners, we might have you on a future episode!


Here’s hoping you, your family, friends and foosball crew have the best New Year ever! Naturally, we on the Foosball Radio team hope to see you on the table!


The Foosball Radio Team

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