While the world prepares for the ITSF Foosball World Cup competition, we are getting you ready with the 2nd of 3 parts with Team USA member Todd Loffredo. (Incidentally, you may have also heard he is now a movie star, appearing the brilliant documentary Foosballers.)

Listen in as the Foosball Radio team, Tom, Chuck and Nino, delve into fascinating territory with one of the greatest foosball players of all time.

Speaking of the World Cup…keep listening as we will be bringing you a special Foosball Radio series on Team USA coaches, players and a certain well known commentator, all headed for Spain in July.

Here’s hoping you’re practicing and playing as much foosball as possible!

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Thanks for your support and for listening to the Ultimate Foosball Podcast-Foosball Radio.


We’ll see you on the table!


The Foosball Radio Team

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