Hey Fooser!


Whoa! What happened? All of a sudden, we’re in a New Year and new decade! Welcome to 2020 and a brand new season of the Ultimate Foosball Podcast.


After a brief debate, we here at Foosball Radio have decided to “Join the Club”.

What we are actually doing is seeking out local clubs, organizations, DYP’s, regional, state and national tournaments to cover in a series of episodes.


This episode of Foosball Radio, is the first in this series, which features the organizer of the Florida State Championships-Rob Kadle. During this conversation, Rob will reveal the good, the bad and the ugly of hosting a state level tournament. Following seven years of building the event, Rob is expecting an expanded list of players in the end of February. Growing this annual tournament has been challenging, and Rob has plenty of advice for anyone looking to do their own professional level event.


Speaking of which, we are seeking your input on the foosball organization you belong to. Even it’s just a weekly tournament, drop us an email to info@foosballradio.com.


For all the info on the upcoming 2020 Florida State Championships coming up in the end of February-follow this link:



Stay tuned as Foosball Radio continues the series on the foosball club scene, organizations, as well as, the people who go above and beyond to create great events across the globe.


Thank you so much for your support and listenership!


We will see you on the table!


The Foosball Radio Team

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